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In light of Peter Pilotto x Target, I just wanted to say that this Spring — MORE IS MORE. When I said less is more in hmm, 80% of my blog posts, I was naive to say so.  This Spring, it’s about the big bold graphic prints. Abstract, landscape or critter prints. All of it.


Got your statement earring? This is how the designers are instagramming their pieces. Perhaps we all should. I sure got a kick out of these.

i kind of hate this color

But I also kind of love it.

I don’t gravitate towards color. When I imagine what others see when they see me, it’s definitely not color.  Black and navy blue and gray and white are the colors they imagine instead; and this isn’t something I’m really proud of.  I think dark colors boast New York, sophistication, and a certain edgy quality — which are things we allwishwe convey when we dress in all-black - - but let’s face it: sticking to dark colors may tend to breed a kind of lackadaisical complacency rather than creativity, a kind of boringness. 

I myself am shocked at the words I just wrote. Boring? I guess I really did describe my own wardrobe as boring.

I recently said to my mom, “I am a very self-aware person. But it’s making those changes and improvements in myself that has yet to happen…” I think this rings true in many aspects of my personal and professional life, and also does apply to my wardrobe life. I am very aware of the fact that I mostly dress in black and that it bores me at times. I used to pride myself in having a “uniform,” because I felt that having a consistent style meant knowing yourself and having a strong sense of self.  And I do think this is true to some extent, but having a consistent style does shouldn’t mean restricting oneself to one particular color palette. Consistently black can get boring.

I used to justify wearing all black by saying that the textures I was experimenting with adds dimensions to the outfit. Like, oh instead of wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans with black boots, let me wear my blackshinypants with the black t-shirt and black boots. But let’s just be honest — sometimes we just need a little color to make things more interesting! Over my dead body will you ever catch me in hot pink or turqoise, but a little Dijon yellow or forest green might not harm but benefit some of my outfits.  And then once, if ever, I’m feeling comfortable with that, I guess I could try prints…

While I haven’t been that successful, it’s been fun trying to venture out of the comfort zone of the obvious black and into the realm of color. My New Years resolution, among many more substantial others, is to actually wear more color — to put theory into practice.

(photos: afflante, harpers bazaar) 

furry friends

I wish I could bring my cat with me everywhere I go.  But since I am the most protective cat mom there is out there, and since I am in fact worried my cat might contract some kind of unpleasant street cat disease, I would NEVER walk him outside. But one day when I have lots of money for shopping, I’ll get these little furry friends as a replacement for my cat to bring around with me outdoors.

(photo: jak and jil, moda operandi)

With New York weather hovering above 20 degrees, I’ve learned from the Pre-Fall 2014 season that I really miss Fall.

The mighty F: Thoughts on Fashion and Function after a Fall

imageimageimageLast night, I was leaving my apartment to go meet a friend for drinks. We have been trying to get together for the past two months, and it’s completely my fault that we haven’t — I have canceled on him every time I’ve made a plan with him (indication of the fact that we’re not really friends). So last night, I was determined to face the cold and walk the 15 blocks to a “nearby” bar in Brooklyn (where I am, anything within a 20 minute walk is considered to be “just down the street”). But of course, my apartment is a walk-up. And just to paint a picture of what led to my great revalation, I’ll start by saying that I was walking down the stairs with a giant coat, huge scarf, a beenie that I’m not even that comfortable wearing, and my most prized yet somewhat uncomfortable Alexander Wang boots, while trying to pick a song from this season’s The Voice to listen to on my phone and also while trying to check my work e-mail on my work blackberry. Not my best moment.

Because then I fell down the stairs. And while I was falling, my first thought was, “not the face, not the face, I have a job interview this week,” and I somehow was able to position myself so that I landed on my belly and slid my way down the flight of stairs. I landed at the bottom. I sat on the floor for a minute, saw that my hand was bruised, felt my legs swelling up, and my next thought was, “I can NOT cancel on this guy again.” After a minute of making weird noises, I got up and walked out of my building. Still sort of in half-shock of the fact that I fell down some stairs and no bones were broken, and in half-awe of the fact that I managed to gracefully penguin-slide out of the fall and down the stairs, my next thought was then, “if I had been wearing sneakers, I bet this wouldn’t have happened” (it probably wasn’t just the sneakers and probably also had to do with the fact that I was not looking where I was going, but I’ve never claimed to have a very rational train of thought). And that was when I came to realize something.

For months I’ve been pinning pictures of women looking effortlessly chic while wearing a coat paired with a pair of sneakers. I knew that this trend was one that I’ve been fascinated with over time (I blogged about wearing sneakers out, not for sport, during my early blogging days), but I have never been able to aptly pinpoint what it was about the sneaker movement that was so appealing to me. And then last night, after that fateful fall, I realized that what I wrote in that blog post over a year ago was only half-true. Back then, I postulated that the sneaker movement was an embodiment of fashion’s celebration of the simple. But my realization last night was that the sneaker movement is really fashion’s celebration of the function of an item.  With the rise of a fashionable sneaker, thanks to Nike and Stella McCartney x Adidas, sneakers have become a fashionable alternative to any shoe. But what’s truly keeping this trend alive is people’s need for a shoe that best serves its function. And the sneaker is that shoe; it is easily the most practical for walking, and isn’t that what shoes are for?  The sneaker’s dual ability to be both fashionable and functional is what has led to its recent rise as a fashion staple today.

And today, I nurse these bruises, treasuring them for the valuable lesson that I’ve learned. To avoid any more injuries this week, wear a pair of sneakers. To look fashionable while wearing sneakers, pair it with a long coat. That’s how to look good while wearing a shoe that actually does its job.

Black and Blue,

Sara N.

(photos: i want big closet, mademoiselle robot, wit and delight)

Because fashion people love cats, love cat-prints, and can sometimes be catty.

kanye wanted leather jogging pants, i want leather everything

imageimageimageLet’s face it, Kanye West’s rant on his leather jogging pants idea, the emotions behind fashion, being a genius, the paparazzi, classism and Paula Deen on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week still has us talking about how he is just as nutty and arrogant as we always thought he was. Even Leandra Medine instagrammed that very interview playing on her cab TV.  But I must say, Kanye might have been right about one thing: the leather jogging pants concept (the self-proclaimed genius thing, however, I’m not so sure about).

I don’t know if Kanye invented the leather jogging pant, but the idea is definitely being embraced by our favorite bloggers and editors out there. And I’m seeing a variety of leather bottoms generally as well — I’m seeing more leather skirts than usual lately and a lot of something that could be described as leather sport shorts. 

Leather has always been a trend (so I guess it’s not really a “trend” if it’s here to stay) but its popularity this Fall is resounding particularly loudly. You know how people always say silly things like, “blue is the new black” or “orange is the new black” (I’ll never understand the popularity of that show)? Well, I dare say that leather is the new black. I know leather is not a color, blah, but it’s basically black but more interesting. It’s a texturized black — a statement of black. If Kanye were to describe the emotions of texture (since, he says fashion is all about emotion) he would probably use the words: badass, chic, club, moto, really-really-cool.  

And so would I. Except maybe I should stop basing blog post ideas on Kanye West’s JKL monologue before I start to lose credibility.