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What Causes Lead To Mental Illnesses In Children?

A child is a gift to any parent. All parents try their best to provide for their children for the best of their ability and keep them full and healthy. But not everybody understands that a child’s emotional and mental health is just as important as being physically fit. A good mental condition in the small days of a child will prepare the child to accept whatever life throws at him/her gladly and face them with strength and courage. Today there is a possibility that at least 1 of every 10 kids may have some sort of a mental condition. This is pretty serious than it seems and should be dealt with immediately. It is quite difficult to find the very root cause or the exact reason for mental problems in children. But it is discovered that it could be number of reasons such as biological, genetic, or environmental factors.

Biological factors    
Most of the mental illnesses are genetic. If one family member has a mental problem there is a huge possibility that it can be passed down to prescription glasses Sydney Certain genes that can cause mental illnesses may be hidden in one’s body; but a traumatic event or a stressful situation may trigger such genes and would result in a mental condition. There could be brain defects or injuries that can lead to mental problems. Certain children have difficulties like dyslexia and vision problems that could be a big stress or a burden to the child which can in turn lead to a severe mental issue. And also any damage to the brain that was caused during early childhood or in the mother’s womb can result in mental problems among children.

Psychological factors
Another one of the main reasons for mental illnesses among children is traumatic or stressful events that can cause severe psychological damage such as a loss of a very close person, mental, physical or sexual abuse and neglect. Poor ability to relate to others and being cornered and bullied can result in mental problems. Certain children suffer from learning difficulties like dyscalculia, dyslexia and vision and hearing problems. These can be reasons for childhood bullying and could be a big mental stress to children which can in turn result in a mental disorder.

Environmental factors
These factors are issues relating to family and the society a child is brought up in, that will cause mental illnesses in children. The family may make the child feel low or may build up a very low self esteem in him/her. Poverty, loneliness, changing homes and schools could also be problems that can lead to mental illnesses in children.