Fun Facts About Men’s Suits

Men’s suits are much more expensive than they seem. If you are a man looking to buy a suit, make sure that you have plenty of cash to spare to get a new one done. If not, you might have to settle with a readymade one or a second hand suit which will not look as perfectly fitting as a suit that you get custom made for yourself. These suits can be worn at weddings, business occasions and other formal occasions that require formal attire. The usual practise is to wear a tie with these suits. However, even for men, there are certain facts they still do not know about suits. Following are some fun facts to enlighten yourself with regarding men’s suits.

Shirt cuff
What is a shirt cuff? These are the parts of the shirt that usually come at the end of your arm near the wrist. It is said that in the recent past like in the early 990s suits were not something that could be afforded by everyone. In fact, it was only worn by high class men that had a lot of money to spare on many not so of use things. Therefore, the main purpose of leaving long shirt cuffs were to make sure that suit cuffs will not fray; as in those days, these suits were not something that could be categorized as replaceable.

Button hole
When you get your tailor made suit Bangkok, you will see the button hole on the lapel of the suit. Does it really serve a purpose? Or is it just there as a part of fashion? In real terms, it this button hole which is found on the lapel truly does serve a purpose.  The original use of the boutonniere hole was to connect to a button which was placed on the other side. The primary purpose of this was to keep the wind and cold out of your body. However, some winter coats still use this trick in order to keep the host warm.

Last button
Quite an amusing fact that you might have not known about unbuttoning the last button on the suit is that men do it as Louis XIV got fat at some point. Even the suits you get made by best tailor Bangkok will be made in a way so that you have to unbutton the last one. It is believed that at one function, Louis XIV found it too difficult to put on his last button on as he has put on quite a bit and therefore, typically as respect for the king the other men at the venue too followed this trend which eventually took over to become a fashion for a lifetime.

Working cuffs
Surgeons were the original users of these working cuffs. Mostly for wartime surgeons who always needed to take prompt action had to role up their sleeves constantly to perform first aid to the injured soldiers. Therefore, the buttons on the sleeve helped them soon roll them up. However, in the present day it is a measure of high quality suits. Did you know any of these factors before?