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Color had a short-lived moment in my life.  My See by Chloe yellow coat was worn a fair amount this past Fall, and I was blogging about red on red on red and prints on prints on prints.  But if there’s anything we can learn from Zara’s current campaign (other than that Zara is truly deserving everyone’s attention), it’s that Black is back b*tchez - and so is White. lol at my sass, everyone.

Black on black on black can really be anything one wants it to be - classic, edgy, funky - based on what kind of textures and shapes you play around with.  But isn’t it just a bit too easy at times?  I think so, yes.  I think mixing black and white though, whether it’s black and white prints or black with white items, would be more challenging and probably more fun, while also maintaining whatever style I’m tryna embody that day. 

(photos: zana roberts rassi photographed by koo; givenchy pre-fall 2013 from

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